Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So, this should be a big week for progress on the issue of the Little Guy's custody. First off, I ran into the biological relative interested in pursuing custody of him, and it sounds like they may be willing to drop the custody thing as long as they continue to have a part in his life (which I've never had a problem with). So far, however, they have not called the caseworker.

Tomorrow the caseworkers and reunification workers are meeting with the psychologist to discuss the results of the developmental assessment. This will give them a direction to head if the relatives maintain that they are interested in custody. So...we'll see what comes of all of this.

We survived Betty's 16th birthday. She had her boyfriend over on Friday and we all went out to dinner. On Saturday, she had one friend over and they had pizza and watched a movie. Betty honestly thought she was going to get her permit on Friday and be driving around town on Sunday. NOPE. My husband wants her to at least have an interview before she can take her permit test. And Betty has been struggling with finishing her application. The other day she said it was "too hard" and that she'd just never get a job or a license. Fine by me (on the license part, anyway). She may just be looking for an out, now that the time is really here that she COULD drive. But I do think she needs to get her permit for her in-car time at driver's ed. Who knows? She doesn't share those "inconsequential" details with me these days.