Friday, November 07, 2008


So, we're moving away from foster parenting, and towards straight adoptions. See more at our newest site:

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, yesterday was our big day. We got to adopt Cameron! His hearing was at 8:30 a.m. We went into the judge's chambers with ten of our family members and friends. Cameron got to sit on the judge's lap as he signed the order. It was short, sweet, and anti-climatic. We went out to breakfast, got a lot of present giving out of the way, went to my school (where the kids threw me a mini surprise party) and then we went to an indoor play area for a couple hours. We had a pizza lunch there and then went home and rested for awhile before our small group came over for some cake and Guitar Hero. It was a great day. And now we're on to the rest of our lives. We are still in the foster parenting "business" and are once again "expecting" -- who knows when! I'll keep you posted if/when anything is worth reporting.

(Cameron's shirt says: "I'm a Keeper". We took this picture over the summer, and I've kept it to post today.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Adoption

The little guy and I went over to his friend's house yesterday. They go to the same school and are both foster kids through the same agency. They both are hyper-spazz, so I don't feel like I have to worry as much about "what the parents must think". They get it.

Anyway, we found out that their adoption will be the same day as ours. In fact, his is right after us! That was super cool. This family lives five minutes from our house. So we have lots of good reasons to be friends. Unfortunately, they will go to different elementary schools. But for now, they're great buddies. This is the first "friend" we've had on a regular and consistent basis. And so it begins!

Tomorrow we are having a couple over that just completed foster parent training. I have been assigned as their mentor, and I am really excited to have them over for dinner. They seem like terrific people. They started out just interested in adopting through foster care, but through the course of the trainings they have decided that they are going to give foster parenting a shot. I can't wait to support them through this and hear of their experiences. Being a mentor allows me to meet a lot of really neat people and be involved with foster parenting in a more significant way than "just" being a parent to one kid at a time.

As for us, I'm not sure what the future holds. We'll leave that in Lisa's very capable placement hands!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


December 12th
8:30 a.m.
Adoption Hearing

I requested an afternoon (I work in the mornings), but hey! What can you do? Now I have to figure out if I need to get a substitute teacher....

Tonight I'm battling such anger at the fact that this little guy is STILL not asking to go to the bathroom. I guess maybe I'm not as patient as I'm "supposed" to be. But for crying out loud! He's five and a half! And I don't have the strength not to yell and get upset when he pees his pants and then shows absolutely no recognition that he's even wet.

It would be really great if we were past this. It would be really great if I could keep my cool when he does this. I know that all the toilet training philosophies say to take this all in stride. But they say that as if it's the easiest thing in the world. Yeah, right! It's the most difficult thing I've EVER done. And quite frankly it has made me believe that I do not want to EVER EVER EVER have another child in my house that has to go through potty training (this would include a baby, which I always thought I wanted).

Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

Monday, October 01, 2007


In August, we finally got the news back from the court that the parents' rights were terminated. They then had thirty days to appeal, but they did not. So now we move along with the adoption. Yay! It looks like they're going to set the court date for December before Christmas.

So now we have one last visit with each parent - but the caseworker is not having any luck contacting either of them. So, who knows?

Ran into the maternal grandmother in Wal-Mart yesterday. That was...interesting. I think she scared the be-junkers out of the little guy. She asked him for hugs and kisses, and he clearly didn't remember her. He kept saying goodbye and then asked me to hold him. I tried my best to graciously walk away. It was not easy.

I was about to say, okay we're done. We've fostered enough. I'm fine with our family the way it is. But I had applied to be a "mentor" and I got accepted. I take it this is God's way of letting me know He's not quite finished with our work in this area quite yet. Bring it on, then. I do hope we can just do some respites here and there. I'm not really ready to take another full-time kid.

Betty has been having some difficulty with this adoption. She feels like an outsider. So we're working through that. We have a pretty awesome lady that is helping us sort through some of these issues. And Betty just got a boyfriend, so things are looking up for her. Her attitude is typically better when she has a guy involved.

Kids! Got to love 'em!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, we had one visit last Thursday. It only lasted 40 minutes, and was doubly supervised. I alsio sent snacks since that seems to be a "good behavior" time. We had the TPR hearing on Tuesday. The hearing itself lasted about 40 minutes, as much of the meat of the material was offered as evidence in written form. Each lawyer has been asked to submit a list of facts to the judge within thirty days. The judge will then make a decision shortly thereafter. One parent, on paper, doesn't look as bad as I believe they should. But both parents have sat before this judge before, so he knows some of the bacground and can read between the lines of the carefully phrased questions.

As time went by yesterday, I felt less disturbed than I had walking out of the courtroom. It's clear this little boy will not move from our home. Now it's just a matter of what the status will be -- adoption or legal guardianship. I pray for adoption, as the one parent in particular has had a lot of trouble attending visits to date, and I can't imagine being court-ordered to make those happen.

In the meantime, Betty is ticked off because we won't let her go on a field trip for the ESL class on Friday. I'm not sure how she got invited. But given that it leaves at 4 a.m., gets home at midnight, costs $40 and takes her away from a day of school (when she's missed a couple hours here and there lately for appointments), not to mention the fact that she got a mid-term report that was less than stellar, we're keeping her home. This also is her last chance to visit her bio. Mom this month, which she needs to do. So she hates me and wishes she were with older parents. Sigh. Teenagers!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Well, it looks like we may be nearing the starting line with the adoption process. Both biological parents have expressed their concern about the process, but have also made comments that make it seem that they are resigned to the upcoming events. We shall see.

We have two visits scheduled for Thursday - one with each parent. That could be a very tricky day, indeed. Between visits the mobile therapist comes. Is that good timing or what? Neither parent has seen C in awhile -- for one it's been one month, for the other it's been five. So I can gues that this will shake up the little guy's world, which has become pretty stable over the past month or so. Sigh.

Next week is the TPR hearing. It's scheduled to last two hours. I'm crossing my fingers that there will be no bumps along the way. I will be happy when this step is behind us. But it's just the beginning. Then we start the paperwork! That should be fun, too!

Meanwhile, I'm getting the itch. I can hardly believe it myself, but I'm thinking it might be nice to have another kiddo for C to play with and interact with. Betty is just too much older than him. She is basically off in her little corner of the world, as she is preparing to finish up high school in the next couple of years. She still is around a lot, and things are still going well, overall. But she's just getting increasingly independent. My husband thinks I'm crazy. And he should know that that's certainly true. But we do have the space (in our home, schedules, and hearts), and we're getting a lot more used to this whole thing. So ... it likely won't be long. He says we'll wait til Betty graduates. We'll see... All I know is that for now, we are NOT looking to get a baby. Nope. I'm past that point for right now. The thought of late nights, diapers, puke, etc. just isn't as glamorous and wonderful sounding as it once was. Give me a first grader that has an attitude any day!

To be always....our family is just one part of the canvas that God is creating in our lives!