Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, we had one visit last Thursday. It only lasted 40 minutes, and was doubly supervised. I alsio sent snacks since that seems to be a "good behavior" time. We had the TPR hearing on Tuesday. The hearing itself lasted about 40 minutes, as much of the meat of the material was offered as evidence in written form. Each lawyer has been asked to submit a list of facts to the judge within thirty days. The judge will then make a decision shortly thereafter. One parent, on paper, doesn't look as bad as I believe they should. But both parents have sat before this judge before, so he knows some of the bacground and can read between the lines of the carefully phrased questions.

As time went by yesterday, I felt less disturbed than I had walking out of the courtroom. It's clear this little boy will not move from our home. Now it's just a matter of what the status will be -- adoption or legal guardianship. I pray for adoption, as the one parent in particular has had a lot of trouble attending visits to date, and I can't imagine being court-ordered to make those happen.

In the meantime, Betty is ticked off because we won't let her go on a field trip for the ESL class on Friday. I'm not sure how she got invited. But given that it leaves at 4 a.m., gets home at midnight, costs $40 and takes her away from a day of school (when she's missed a couple hours here and there lately for appointments), not to mention the fact that she got a mid-term report that was less than stellar, we're keeping her home. This also is her last chance to visit her bio. Mom this month, which she needs to do. So she hates me and wishes she were with older parents. Sigh. Teenagers!