Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Well, we got called again for a three year old -- girl this time. But I was out at the store and at the YMCA, so I missed the call. This one hit harder. I just finished crying. It's been about 45 minutes. Talking to my friend and my mother helped. Not so much help from the husband. He can wait a long time before he'll miss out on having kids. I wish he was more supportive. I have been waiting for SIX LONG YEARS and this just seemed cruel.

Through this, though, I know that God intends to bring a boy into our lives and that this child was not meant for us. He definitely is reassuring us of His control over the situation. The placement coordinator said she placed five kids this week. FIVE! And why weren't we called? I guess none fit our criteria. Maybe it will continue to be a busy week. Rest assured, I won't be going out without my cell phone again until that call finally does come through.

To be continued....