Sunday, February 12, 2006


B said she needed to make a call this morning to ask her Mom an important question. I didn't dig into this, but gave her the calling card # (she got calling cards for Christmas, but no PIN numbers to make them work).

So today after lunch, B asked us if she could talk to us about something. That was fine with us. She put her head on the table (so as to avoid eye contact) and said that she already checked it out with her Mom, and her Mom was not offended. She then asked that since she's our daughter, if she could call us Mom and Dad. I motioned to my husband that he should go first, because I think it's especially important for B to know that he accepts her. So, he said, "Sure". And I said that would be nice, and that I was glad that her Mom was willing to share her with us.

We should be meeting with the caseworker soon to discuss legal guardianship. I'm very much looking forward to taking that step with B. I definitely think we've had our questions answered, and have established ourselves as a real live family. More to come...