Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's a Boy!

Well, the judge made the decision to place the little boy in protective services, so C came to our house on Thursday night. We were pleasantly surprised to see that he was much more verbal than we had anticipated. He has adjusted well. He started back to preschool yesterday, and his TSS will start coming again this afternoon.

I am thrilled to have a little boy in the house again. It looks like he might be staying for at least six months. I hope so! My husband has even taken to him. It's easy to do--he's extremely lovable and willing to give kisses and hugs. When he sees us after it's been awhile, he greets us with a big smile, a "Hello", etc.

Thanks be to God for His perfect plan and His perfect timing. We are looking forward to seeing how this little guy develops over the coming days!