Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, court went better than I could have anticipated last Friday. One parent (along with the corresponding lawyer) didn't show up. The other parent was late and THAT lawyer had sent another to represent, as he had just lost a murder case the day before.

We went in with a proactive approach. The caseworker presented the evidence of improvement since this placement began in April. Then she went on to say while she was concerned about the kinship placement, we were going to start evaluations and services as soon as possible. The judge, nor the lawyer, pressed for much further details.

I still think the kinship placement doesn't know what they're getting themselves into with this little guy. He's a handful, and then some. But...time will tell what happens. At least we've bought a little more time, which I think will be helpful.

We went to the "remedial" gymnastics class on Saturday morning, since we kind of got asked not to return to the regular class until we can be a part of the group. He really likes going. I think that my husband and I will alternate attending with him, as it's not the most fun I have ever had. We won't be able to go this weekend, since we have a foster parent training (if you're reading this and know us and would be interested in babysitting -- let me know; we're still stuck there).

Anyway, things are back to "normal" and we will continue to work with him on whatever we can in hopes that we will be able to impact his development as much as possible for the time we have him. So that's that!