Sunday, March 26, 2006

Advanced Notice

Friday, I got a call from the county notifying us of an upcomign hearing (Monday afternoon) that involves some children that may need to be placed. In the past, when this has happened before, the judge has always ruled to keep the child with his/her parents (at least, when it has happened to us). Before we were given one month notice, and then when the placement didn't happen, it was devastating. I do not anticipate a placement being made Monday, due to this and also due to the fact that funding for new placements has been frozen (until July?). But still, it was nice to be called. We were asked if we would be interested in a young boy. They actually ended up calling my husband (YAY!) because they couldn't get a hold of me. I was very happy about this, because LAST time they didn't get a hold of me, they did not call him and ended up placing the child with another famil. I cried and cried, because it was the oe time I did not have my cell phone on me. GRRRR!!

Anyway, when I called back to let the caseworkier know that we WOULD be interested in the boy, if they placed him, she said we couldn't have him unless we were also willing to take his slightly older, toddler sister. So I caleld my husband back and we agreed that we could do this (though we'd have to figure out the logistics on Monday). Fortunately for us, we have a busy weekend planned so it's not like I'm stting around thinking about this the entire time. Granted, it's in the back of my mind, but it's not all-consuming. And I've set up the pack and plan and we have the convertible crib up, so there wouldn't be much to do Monday (besides get a second car seat, perhaps). And if tey don't come, I can be relieved by the fact htat life would have been hectic with these two. If they DO come, it is likely veryshort term, so I don't think I'll mind having my life disrupted for a ltitle bit . Plus, it will keep me in the foster parenting game, which is a great place to be. It's been three months since we had our last little boy, so I've been very anxious to have another placement.

So it's likely to be a very long day tomorrow. But that's okay with me. My friend is going to cmoe over (she adopted four children) and talk to me about a prohranm that she's starting. And that will help keep me busy and occupuied until the afternoon call (they wil call either way). I will do my best to update this Monday night, to let you know the outcome :)