Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Little Hope

So, the same day that I wrote the last post, I got a call from Children & Youth. It wasn't for a full-time kiddo, which is probably best. But she called with the possibility of two separate respite situations -- with two children in each. One has a four year old boy and his two year old brother. They would come one weekend/month. The other is a four year old boy and his one year old sister. They would come one day or evening (not overnight) every other week. So I'm hopefull that this will give us a little practice with littler ones while we're still in the middle of Eric's chaotic schedule. He's away on business again this week and next week we both are going on his business trip Sunday - Thursday. So, this isn't the best time to introduce a full-time child into our family. But I was reassured that we're the next ones on the list. There is one other couple without kids, but they want a girl. We have requested a boy this time around, so that works nicely.

It's easier to wait now (although I haven't heard from the caseworker about details/dates of the respites) knowing that there will be something in the meantime to keep me focused. And I know it won't be long until we get a full-time kid. Until then, I'm enjoying my time as a wife. This is easier now that school has started up again and I can work a little (I'm a substitute teacher). I already got called, and it was only the third day of school!

I'll let you know the update on the respites when I get more information!